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"I first met Tina in 2000, about a year after I had permanent eyeliner applied by another "aesthetician". I was not pleased with the outcome, and hoped that Tina could address some of my concerns. She did and so much more!

Tina's understanding of my needs & her artistic talent resulted in a polished, yet natural, look to my eyes. The outcome I had hoped for! Needless to say, I have recommend Tina to all my friends & family!

My first experience was in a salon setting. My experience with Tina was much different. I was—and continue to be—impressed by her knowledge & the aseptic clinic environment in which she works. She is a certified medical electrologist-aesthetician and partners with Dr. Joseph Barnthouse—a respected plastic surgeon & caring professional. As such, my questions regarding the safety of the procedure were fully addressed. This also allowed her the ability to apply prescription topical anesthesia to alleviate the discomfort associated with the procedure.

I was so pleased with Tina's work & professionalism that I have continued to enjoy her services over the years. Most recently, I underwent eyebrow electrolysis. Until I saw the final result, I didn't realize how scruffy my eyebrows had really been! My initial goal was to eliminate the need for constant plucking, a task I found time-consuming & difficult as my eyesight had worsened with time. The final outcome was more than I expected: Combined with my permanent eyeliner, Tina's impeccable work has resulted in significantly younger eyes! I could not be more satisfied.

Tina's services did not end there. She continues to provide me with honest & knowledgeable advice regarding my skin care regimen & makeup application. Tina clearly explains the mechanism of the active ingredients, as well as the benefits of other ingredients. I am a pharmaceutical chemist & continue to be impressed by Tina's knowledge in this regard. The products I now use have added a more youthful appearance to my face & décolletage area. Most people are surprised to learn that I am 52 years old!

“Tina truly blends art with science. Her holistic approach to health & beauty has made me a loyal customer for years to come!" – Julie Starr, Clinical Research Chemist

"Tina is a professional and very detail oriented. She has a lovely bedside manner and always puts me at ease. I had permanent eyeliner to the top and bottom lashes. I am thrilled with the outcome of my procedure. The eyeliner looks so natural, my staff did not realize it was permanent." - Debra Heidgen, MD

"Thank you Tina for my eyeliner. I love how natural it looks. You do a wonderful job taking care of all the patients we refer to you. Our office is happy to continue sending patients your way." - Audrey Small, Certified Aesthetician

"I want to thank you for the expert and professional manner you have given to me in the procedures of eyeliner & eyebrow permanent cosmetics. The joy of making my everyday life easier and having a touch of youth restored has been delightful. I am 55+ and the investment of these two procedures has been well worth it. I would never consider going anywhere but a plastic surgeon's office for the delicacy of my eyes. Your professionalism and confidence put me at ease and you have remained caring about my health and beauty. It is with pleasure that I recommend you without hesitation. Thank you again Tina for the beauty you have restored to me." - Jackie, a very satisfied client

"Tina is a highly skilled and professional aesthetician / micropigmentation specialist who is able to make permanent eye makeup look both natural and artistic. She takes great care to make sure her clients are comfortable during the procedure and works with meticulous precision." - Heidi Reiling, O.D., Ophthalmologist